We have some opportunities for you to engage with The Compassion Project. 

TCP Logo  MSU - The Compassion Project - Thursday, February 14

A project run out of the College of Education, Health and Human Development, is offering a FREE workshop on compassion! This professional development session will discuss what compassion is, how you can recognize it and how to practice it in the workplace as well as your personal life for others and yourself. All participants will also will take part in an art project that will be part of a 10,000-piece installation at Emerson Center for Arts and Culture and other spaces around Bozeman next spring. Don’t worry-we’ll guide you through the art piece-even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, we promise to help you create a masterpiece! For more information about the project itself, check out the The Compassion Project web site! Space will be limited to 60 participants so don't wait and sign up now. If you need additional information, please email Kayte Kaminski at Katherine.kaminski@montana.edu.  

TCP Logo I Am Interchange/The Compassion Project Collaboration Program - Monday, April 15th

Emerson Cultural Center Crawford Theatre. More details to follow!