Greetings and Welcome to The Compassion Project!


 To me, this project became alive from the moment I stepped inside the gallery in my hometown in La Crosse, WI, one of the two cities where this project has been done before. I knew I had to be a part of it at some point in my life. Too often, humans contribute to sadness, divisiveness, and negativity in the world. My goal in bringing The Compassion Project to Bozeman was to teach others to bring positivity, kindness, empathy, and compassion to all individuals that may interact with the project- either through participating or experiencing the final installation. It is the hope that this compassionate mindset will then continue after the project is complete.

 We constantly are being told what not to do growing up. Instead of going from that deficit mindset, let’s teach children and adults alike what TO do, what it feels like to give and receive kindness and compassion, how to recognize compassion and the opportunities to practice it, and then how to integrate it into our daily lives as a positive habit. Compassion to me is not about changing the world in one day. It’s about being present with and holding space for someone who needs it, remembering to be present with and kind to yourself, and even more simply- choosing kindness and listening when it may be the most difficult thing you do all day. Hold the door, hold a hand, practice true empathy, make another being feel safe, be intentional, be kind, be willing to be comfortable in your own discomfort when learning, and practice compassion-- because you never know the difference you might be making for the better.

 Our Compassion Crew has been working hard on a variety of committees since March to write educational curriculum, establish collaborations and partnerships, fundraise, and get the word out about this project. We have partnerships with many entities across Bozeman including many at Montana State University, where The Compassion Project oversight is housed. Our crew are truly the individuals that put forth all the incredible ideas to make The Compassion Project successful. They have helped to write our mission, vision, goals, and definitions. They are dedicated to living compassionate lives for the project and for the broader community. For more information on our individual crew members, please visit here.

 Our executive board is comprised of the liaisons to working committees, general worker-bees, and leaders in action of turning all our planning into a reality for the Bozeman community. They are committed to fundraising, strategic planning, curriculum development, volunteer coordination, budgeting, and working with community members to get The Compassion Project up and running the Gallatin Valley. To learn more about these awesome individuals, please visit here.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in being involved in some way. Fundraising is an ongoing endeavor. To financially support the project, please donate here.

 Thank you for your interest in The Compassion Project and we look forward to practicing compassion with you as we implement curriculum in the fall of 2018, as well as during and following our full installation in the spring of 2019!


With kindness & compassion, 

Kayte Kaminski

Director, The Compassion Project



A big thank you to all of our Sponsors & Partners who make this project possible!