List owners can manage their lists by emailing commands to the list server (Sympa) or via the web interface. See Sympa's Web Interface:A Short Guide for Listowners for information and instructions on using Sympa's web interface.

Send commands to in plain text format. Several commands can be sent in a single message but only one command can be entered on a line.

Command Examples

  • Add subscriber to list: ADD listname John Doe
  • Add without notificationQUIET ADD listname Doe, John
  • Remove a subscriberDEL listname J. Doe
  • Remove without notification QUIET DEL listname John Doe
  • Review the subscriber listREVIEW listname
  • Indicate the end of commandsQUIT
Image of email message with commands

Email message with multiple commands



Command Description
ADD Add a member to the list
DEL Remove a member from list
QUIET Enter quiet before add or del command to prevent a notification message from being sent to the person being added or deleted.
Add without notification
Remove without notification
REVIEW Use to get a review of list members
QUIT Use as the final command so email signature will be ignored


Please contact MSU List Help ( for additional assistance.