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UNIVERSITY STUDIES: A smart way to start

Sometimes new college students choose majors for the wrong reasons: they feel pressured to make a decision, they're worried that they don't have career plans, they feel they need to select a major that will help them make a lot of money, or they want to just opt for something off a list and be done with it. Most of the time, these students end up changing their major...sometimes more than once.

In University Studies, our specialty is working with new MSU students who want to explore their options before declaring a major. When students who begin in University Studies do declare a major, they tend to stay in that major at a higher rate than those who declare a major when they matriculate at MSU.

In University Studies, we help you with your major exploration in two ways:

Academic Advising

The advisors in University Studies are all professional advisors trained and experienced at working with students who are in the process of deciding on a course of study at MSU. They are acquainted with all the departments across campus and are familiar with the requirements of all majors offered at MSU. University Studies advisors are also experts at helping students do individual self-assessment in order to discover their personal and academic strengths, interests and goals.

Whether you are coming to MSU with a couple of ideas of what you might want to major in or have no idea at all, our advisors will help you explore your options and decide on an academic program that is a good fit for you.

First Year Seminar

Most new students in University Studies will take US 101 First Year Seminar during the Fall semester. US 101 is the University Studies version of the core requirement that all MSU students will take to fulfill their core University Seminar requirement. US 101 is limited to 18 students per class and is structured around a discussion-based format. Students learn academic ways of seeing the world through reading a range of different texts from ancient philosophy to contemporary social theory, developing their writing skills through composing academic papers, and working on individual research projects.

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