image of the Cisco Webex Meeting logo Cisco Webex Meetings is a cloud-based video conferencing and online meeting platform that allows you to easily meet with others no matter the location and share screens, files and video.   

All MSU faculty and staff are licensed for Webex.

NEW in summer of 2018 -

NOTE: Productivity tools that allow Webex scheduling directly from Outlook  are now part of the Webex Meetings Desktop app.  Once the app is installed the Webex buttons will be available in Outlook, etc.

gold triangle pointing right to a link that takes you to more informationa. Find out more at  What's NEW in Webex Meetings.

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  • Browse the service descriptions and tables below to find the best option for you needs - all are available on MSU's Webex site.
  • Visit our How to...  page to learn how to log in, schedule your first meeting, etc.

Need Help?

Contact the UIT Service Desk

(406) 994-1777
MSU Library Commons
Mon - Fri, 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.
(excluding holidays & breaks)

 Webex Login for Faculty/Staff 



Webex - Meetings, Events, & Training 


Present information, share applications and collaborate on projects, all in real-time.                  


Host large events and webinars. The service comes with integrated enrollment, polling and chat.

Training Center

Deliver interactive Online learning sessions, such as classes, training and e-learning.                   

Support Center is a remote IT Support and Customer Service tool. This Center can be added to accounts by request through the Service Desk. Please submit a Service Desk ticket by emailing with the user names who need access to Support Center and a brief explanation of how the Center will be used. 

Please note: Global calling is not available for meetings, events or trainings created by users.


Use cases

         WebEx Meeting Center WebEx Event Center WebEx Training Center
Spur of the moment informal meetings
Yes No No
Scheduled meetings
Yes No No
Recurring meetings
Yes No  No
Group discussions/brainstorming sessions
Yes No No
Any meeting where 1 or more participant needs to attend by phone
Yes No No
No Yes No
Webinars or events requiring registration
No Yes Yes
Lecture-style training or teaching sessions
No Yes Yes
Training or teaching with in-session labs
No No Yes
Training or teaching with break-out sessions or hands-on demos
No No Yes
Events or training requiring attendance reports
No Yes Yes
Events or training requiring attention monitoring and reporting
No Yes Yes



         WebEx Meeting Center WebEx Event Center WebEx Training Center
Screen Sharing
Yes Yes Yes
Whiteboards and annotation tools
Yes Yes
Video Streaming
Yes Yes Yes
Managed and Moderated Text Chat/Q&A
Text Chat  Yes Yes
File Transfer
Yes Yes Yes
 Instant Yes Yes
Testing, Grading, Instructor Scoring
No No  Yes
Breakout Sessions 
No  No  Yes
Permission Based Remote Control
Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes