Sack Lunch Seminars

Sack Lunch Seminars 

"For what is done or learned by one class of women becomes, by virtue of their common womanhood, the property of all women." -Elizabeth Blackwell (first U.S. female physician)

September 24: How to Lead Your Team to Create Outrageous Results-in 4 Simple Steps!

SUB 233 Noon-1pm
If you are like many teams, 10-20% of your employees are exceptional performers while the other 80-90% are average or below average.  If your team lacks purpose and passion, you are likely also lacking in productivity and creativity. This Sack Lunch Seminar, presented by award-winning business coach, leadership mentor and teamwork expert, Leslie Cunningham, is for managers, business owners, and leaders  and will help you learn how to effectively engage and inspire your employees to take on an exciting, larger than life vision that will transform your business or organization into one of exceptional customer focus and productivity.

October 1: Domestic Violence and Homicide

SUB 168 Noon-1pm
By the mid 1990’s, approximately 1,500 women were murdered each year by an intimate partner.  Tragically, this number has continued to rise over the past 20 years, and has impacted many people in our state and community.  In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, members from the MSU VOICE Center, HAVEN, and the Montana Domestic Violence Review Commission will explore the causes of homicide in domestic violence cases, examine the warning signs that can lead to relationship violence, and discuss lessons learned through annual fatality reviews conducted by the commission.

October 22: Careers for Women in Law 

SUB 168 Noon-1pm
This panel discussion, co-sponsored by MSU's Pre-Law club, will feature attorneys and judges who will help you explore finding a career in various law fields.  See what kinds of jobs are available, what each job entails, and the most effective academic and career paths to facilitate your success.  Also find out what these professionals actually do at their jobs every day, and what choices might fit for you. This lively panel of professionals can help you find your career path in law!

October 29: Putting Her Best Foot Forward: The Social Psychology of Women’s Self-Promotion

SUB 168 Noon-1pm
A popular concept in today’s working world in relation to women’s success is that of “leaning in”—the idea that if women actively promote our own worth and achievements, the “confidence gap,” promotional gap, and wage gaps between genders will eventually close.  Yet, asking women to “lean in” to promote our own accomplishments is not as easy as it sounds.  This presentation, by MSU Professor of Psychology, Jessi Smith, will use psychology research to help understand what deters and what facilitates women putting their best foot forward during recruitment, promotion reviews, and other evaluation settings in the work place and in educational pursuits.

November 12: What Ever Happened with the NDO?

SUB 168 Noon-1pm
Like most citizens and students in Bozeman, you probably heard a lot about the Montana Non-Discrimination Ordinance  (NDO) which was passed by Bozeman’s City Commission last spring. You may have also read that it sadly did not pass in Billings recently.  Join Kiah Abbey, MSU alum, and Bozeman Director for Forward Montana for this discussion of the NDO, its status around the rest of Montana, the implications for real change, statewide equity issues, impacts on our fellow LGBTQ citizens, and where the NDO will go from here.

November 19: Teaching Spaces of Possibility for Sex, Sexuality, and Gender 

SUB 168 Noon-1pm
Seasoned professor Danielle Hidalgo often hears from returning students who express enthusiasm for the topics covered and the methods she used to present class materials in her gender and sexuality courses.  Join Dr. Hidalgo for a conversation about her creative and challenging teaching topics and methods.  She will explain her style of outlining teaching spaces of possibility, or instances where a seemingly constraining interaction (such as students resisting a discussion about homophobia) can become “A-HA! Moments” in which students actually learn something about their own personal biases and beliefs. She will also offer methods for navigating difficult discussions about gender and sexuality, and talk about keeping the classroom space safe, relaxed, and challenging.


 "What I am proud of, what seems so simply clear, is that feminism is a way to fight for justice, always in short supply." -Barbara Strickland

Sack Lunch Seminars are free, fun, informal, and open to everyone!
Sponsored by the Women's Center, a department in the division of Student Success 
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