Financial Aid procedures and policies outlined here are subject to change. Information regarding changes are available through the University of Washington School of Medicine's Financial Aid Office.


Tuition and fees for the first 18 months at Montana State University is approximately $4,000 per semester. After that, students pay in-state tuition at the University of Washington at a rate of approximately $10,000 per quarter. The average annual cost for books, supplies, and equipment is $1,500. Students are required to have a personal computer. Montana WWAMI students are also required to pay a surcharge of approximately $5,224 per year to support the Montana Rural Physician Incentive Program.

Financial Assistance

All financial aid is handled through the University of Washington and is based on the demonstrated financial need of the student. All applicants for aid from the school must submit data for an analysis of need on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This requires full disclosure of resources available to the student from individual and family sources. To be eligible for full financial aid consideration, a student must submit the FAFSA on time regardless of whether he/she has been accepted to the schools listed on the FAFSA. The UW deadline is generally near the end of February of the year of matriculation. Outside employment is discouraged while the student is enrolled in the curriculum. Further information and application forms for financial aid may be obtained from the University of Washington School of Medicine Financial Aid Office.

UW Financial Aid OfficeMT Hall
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