Adding & Dropping Classes


If you are an undergraduate, your financial aid award is based on full-time enrollment which is defined as 12 or more credits.  If you are a graduate student your award is based on the average cost for students enrolled in graduate programs.  A minimum of 6 credits per semester is required to receive financial aid.  The Office of the Registrar officially verifies the number of credits for which all students are enrolled at MSU after the 15th class day of each semester.  If you make a change to your enrollment it could affect your financial aid.

Adding or dropping classes on or before the 15th class day:

Disbursement of your aid depends on the number of credits for which you are enrolled at the time your aid is disbursed and applied to your student account.  If your enrollment status changes on or before the 15th class day due to your dropping credits after financial aid funds have been disbursed, including a retroactive drop of credit hours, you may have received funds that you were not entitled to receive. You will receive a bill from the Student Accounts Office for any overpayment made to you. If you add credits on or before the 15th class day and you are entitled to additional funds, the Office of Financial Aid Services will notify you.

Please see the Financial Aid Based On Enrollment Status information to calculate how your aid may be adjusted. 

Dropping classes after the 15th class day:

If financial aid funds have been disbursed to you and you withdraw from some classes after the 15th day of University instruction, but remain enrolled at Montana State University, repayment of financial aid funds is normally not required. You may, however, have an insufficient pass rate at the end of the semester. Please refer to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for more information.

If you have questions about how your aid may be adjusted, please contact our office.