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Innovation and Management

Designed for young professionals from all backgrounds – including business, design and STEM fields – to develop skills to become more effective leaders, innovators and team members in their field.

Innovation and Management – Master of Science (M.S.) in Innovation and Management

Candidates in the Innovation and Management graduate program at Montana State develop skills and knowledge in an innovative one-year program designed to accelerate their career potential, either through entrepreneurship or leadership in existing organizations. The Innovation and Management program is made for candidates interested in innovating, leading, and solving challenging problems, especially in the design, science, technology, engineering, or math fields. Innovation and Management students will expand their skill sets through first-hand experiences working on projects with researchers, entrepreneurs, industry leaders and government programming.






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Career Advancement
Students have access to recruitment fairs throughout the year as well as one-on-one coaching, resume review and mock interview sessions hosted by the Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship.

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Startup Prowess
The Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurship rated Montana #4 in Startup Activity out of the 25 smaller states and ranked Bozeman #3 in Main Street Entrepreneurship.

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Develop Innovative Ventures
Student teams gain hands-on experience their first semester through development of a new product concept which is presented to senior management and/or prospective investors.




Fund Your Education

The Graduate School at Montana State is dedicated to helping students secure funding during their time at MSU. Some resources the Accounting program and Graduate School offer includes:

Additionally, Innovation and Management candidates have the opportunity to take advantage of internship opportunities through the Bracken Center, as well as apply for a limited amount of Graduate Teaching Assistantships. In exchange for instructional support and tutoring, GTAs receive a partial tuition waiver and a small monthly stipend.

Learn By Doing

Upon completion of the Innovation and Management program at Montana State, students will be able to:

  • Assess market viability for a new product and/or a new company
  • Assess and model financial viability for a new product and/or a new company
  • Rapidly prototype and iterate a new product concept or design
  • Conduct market research to validate critical strategic assumptions
  • Write and present a comprehensive business plan to a venture or corporate investor
  • Lead teams and communicate effectively




Admissions Requirements

Note: no GRE Required.

Each program within the Graduate School at Montana State has its own particular requirements for admission, and the Innovation and Management program is not different. To ensure that you start your application on the right foot, please review the admissions requirements for the Innovation and Management program. This includes any additional deadlines that the Jake Jabs College of Business may have aside from the Graduate School, which does practice rolling admissions.