Fall colors with MSU sign.

Activity Classes for Credit (ACT) offer MSU students opportunities to engage in active learning providing for a well balanced course schedule and college experience. Each semester the school of Health & Human Development  offers over 30 Activity Classes for Credit. Typically these are 1-credit courses and are graded pass/fail. 

ACT courses can provide many benefits for students*:

  • Learn a new life-long activity 
  • Enjoy the Montana outdoor experience
  • Provide school/life/fun balance
  • Get some exercise and reduce stress
  • Meet new friends 
  • Maximize a full credit load or meet credit hour financial aid requirements 

*All while emphasizing quality/professional instruction in a safe, positive, and open environment 


What are students saying about the ACT courses:

Students in ACT Yoga and Meditation courses: 

"Through the practice of meditation, I have been able to better myself on days where I am struggling through schoolwork, energy, or any other issues I may be encountering. I feel like I have become a healthier person throughout the semester completing meditation practices weekly."


"By making an effort to extend the practice into my daily life I have noticed a difference in my stress levels and my sleeping habits. I'm very thankful to have had the opportunity to be introduced to Yoga Meditation and I look forward to further developing and integrating it into my daily life."