A survey showed that out of those student enrolled in an ACT course:

  • 70% said it contributed to their emotional well-being
  • 62% of students said it improved their health and fitness
  • 94% of students said that if they had the opportunity to enroll in another ACT course in the future they would


Students in ACT Yoga and Meditation courses: 

  • "Through the practice of meditation, I have been able to better myself on days where I am struggling through schoolwork, energy, or any other issues I may be encountering. I feel like I have become a healthier person throughout the semester completing meditation practices weekly."
  • "By making an effort to extend the practice into my daily life I have noticed a difference in my stress levels and my sleeping habits. I'm very thankful to have had the opportunity to be introduced to Yoga Meditation and I look forward to further developing and integrating it into my daily life."


Students in ACT Weight Training courses:

  • “I actually greatly improved my strength. I successfully learned how to lift weights in a safe way. I will take what I have learned in this course and apply it to my workouts everyday. The instructor did a great job at teaching us to properly lift weights and set up weight lifting routines to meet our goals.”
  • “Great instructor. He challenged us in many ways. Also, he made the course interesting and educational on top of the fitness. I learned more in the last semester about the body and fitness than in my entire active career”


Student from ACT Swimming course:

  • “The swimming class improved my emotional and physical wellbeing after a very, very hard year. I feel more focused. Happier and more balanced on days I had my ACT course. The instructors were always helpful, positive and full of energy. I am no naturally athletic and not confident in anathletic setting, and not once did I ever feel uncomfortable or judged by anyone in the course.”


Student from ACT Intermediate Rock Climbing course:

  • “Lindsay and Ryan both had us practice the skills we learned multiple times to make sure we had them down. Lindsay also had us explicitly write out our goals for the course, which was helpful in creating a learning mindset. I also liked that they both brought in examples from their own experience to help teach concepts.”


Student from ACT Avalanche 1 course:

  • "The course met and exceeded my expectations in both the avalanche knowledge and skills as well as the back country skiing skills. Ellie communicated her ability to help even when skinning. Zach and Chris compiled a list of questions and made sure that they were answered at the end of the classroom sessions or in the field. At the end of the second field day Zach asked us what we want to improve upon moving forward, making us verbalize and conceptualize an area of growth in our backcountry travels."