Prospective Instructor Information

The college of Health & Human Development administers Activity Classes for Credit as a service to the MSU campus/students. These classes serve to:

  1. Enrich one's social, economic/financial, physical, emotional/spiritual, and intellectual well-being.
  2. Develop and maintain long-term health related fitness and/or skills.
  3. Provide quality instruction in a safe environment, and to create a positive, enriching experience for learning.

Instructors are responsible for:

  1. Submitting a class syllabus to the ACT Coordinator
  2. Providing class content and instruction
  3. Maintaining a safe learning environment
  4. Teaching all schedule classes and communicating with the ACT Coordinator on exceptions
  5. Keeping clean, accurate records of attendance
  6. Submitting grades on time
  7. Communicating with the ACT Coordinator on any issues 

Interested in teaching?