• Develop proficiency in one of the Asian languages that the U.S. State Department says are critical to the future of America;
  • Excel in your preparation for a career in the growing areas of business and government;
  • Combine your Asian Studies degree with a minor or second major to exponentially expand your value to employers of all kinds;  
  • Embrace the world’s most populous and diverse continent, and enjoy the ample rewards of domestic and international employment opportunities.

What can I do with a Major or Minor in Asian Studies?

Asian Studies options prepare students for several career areas, including: international trade and industry, teaching and academic research, careers in the diplomatic Foreign Service, development agencies, and immigration and social services. 

Here are some examples of job titles:


  • Consular Services
  • Cultural Affairs Specialist
  • Customs Inspector/ Officer
  • Diplomat
  • Foreign Correspondent
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Immigration Officer
  • Immigration Services Worker
  • Intelligence Service 
  • International Public Health Worker  
  • Interpreter
  • National Security Agency
  • Overseas Agency  
  • Public Affairs Officer
  • Legal Aid Worker
  • Public Liaison Officer
  • Social Worker
  • Special Agent


  • Academic Researcher
  • Cultural Artifact Specialist
  • Ethnic/Cultural Research
  • Government Research Analyst
  • Historian
  • Political Analyst
  • Social Science Analyst
  • Survey Researcher