The ASMSU Events Team is a student-led component of the Office of Student Engagement that provides convenient, affordable, and engaging events and activities for all MSU students. We bring students together in unique and accessible ways with the goals of belonging, community, entertainment, and retention. 

ASMSU Events encompass three distinct categories of activities:

Entertainment Events

Bringing you the ASMSU Battle of the Bands, concerts, comedians, and other variety entertainers. We work with national talent agencies to find and bring amazing artists to the MSU campus. 

Dynamic Events

These events defy category! MSU Campus Rail Jam, Headphone Disco and other innovative and genre-bending events are amazing examples of how the ASMSU Events Team stays on thecutting edge.Send us some ideas,maybe youridea will be our next event.  

Traditional Events

Maintaining the traditions that make MSU the amazing campus that it is. And, startingsome new traditions in the process. Homecoming isthe just the beginning!  



Graphic Design Poster Competition for Battle of the Bands



            Create and submit an 11x17 poster design for Battle of the Bands. Should your design be chosen, you’ll work with the Office of Student Engagement’s Marketing Team to finalize the design and create alternate sizes of the design. 



            Submissions Open 8:00 am January 15th, 2024

            Submissions Close 5:00 pm March 4th, 2024

            Winner chosen by 5:00 pm March 8th, 2024

Competition Overview: The ASMSU Events Board is sponsoring a poster design competition for this year’s Battle of the Bands event. MSU Students are encouraged to participate!

Event Description: Battle of the Bands is a high energy competition between local bands. With music, food, and prizes for both the bands and the audience, the community and campus will come together for a night of live music and fun.

Prize for Designer: $350.00 Drawing Tablet, Primary Marketing for the event posted across campus and Social Media Channels through the Office of Student Engagement, and a video highlighting the winner’s work.

Deadline/Submissions: Digital entries required in the format of a PDF File submitted to this  link no later than March 4th, 2024 @ 5:00 pm. Winner will be chosen no later than March 8th, 2024 @ 5:00 pm. 

If the above link does not work, please follow the steps below to access the form.
  • Log in to CatsConnect using your netID and password
  • Click on the three bars icon on the top left of the page.
  • Click on the Forms tab and search for "Battle of the Bands Poster Design Competition Submissions 2024" or "Battle" and the form should show up
  • Click the blue "Start" button and start filling out the form. Don't forget to click the submit button at the end!"

General Information: A team of six Office of Student Engagement Employees will judge the submissions to determine the winner and will coordinate with the winner to adjust the final design to fit the needs of the marketing systems in place. 

Entry Specifications: 11x17in pdf poster in Portrait orientation

            Title: Battle of the Bands

            Language included on the poster: “Join for us for an evening of high energy competition between local bands!”, “Free live music for MSU Students”, “Bring your friends!”, “Saturday, April 20th”, “Doors open at 6:00 pm, show start at 7:00 pm”, “SUB Ballrooms”

            Date of Event: April 20th

            Time of Event: Doors at 6:00 pm, Show start 7:00 pm

            Location of Event: SUB Ballrooms

            Prizes for the event: TBD

            Examples of Vibe/Feel of the event: Hype, live concert, pop-rock-folk feel

            What not to put on the design (designs must follow the student code of conduct): No imagery of drugs, alcohol, nudity, or firearms.

            Other Requirements: 

                   - Allow for a one-inch-tall bar of space for OSE Branding along the bottom of the poster.

                   - Make sure it is original content (i.e., not a template from canva)

                   - It must be malleable to be able to be promoted in different formats across different platforms.

Notification/Expectation of Winner: The winner will be notified via phone call and a follow up email to schedule a meeting with the Office of Student Engagement Marketing Team during the week of March, 11th 2024, to finalize the design and to adjust its size to fit varying formats. The winner will also be expected to coordinate with the Office of Student Engagement PR Director to record a video highlighting the winner’s additional work to be posted on Office of Student Engagement Social Media Channels.

Questions: For any questions, please reach out to Macie Hopkins at [email protected] and include Battle of the Bands Poster Design in the subject line.


Meet the team:

ASMSU Events Team Chairperson

Kaylan Wait

Tuesday 8-9:25am and 1pm -5pm 
Wednesday 10:30-12pm, 2pm - 5pm 
Thursday 8am-9:25am
Friday: 10am-12pm, 2pm -5pm 

ASMSU Events Team Director-Entertainment

Macie Hopkins

Monday 3-5pm 
Tuesday 1-3pm 
Thursday 1-3pm 
Friday 1-4pm 

ASMSU Events Team Director-Dynamic Events

Sophia Burchfield

Monday 9-11am 12-3pm 
Tuesday 9-12pm 
Wednesday 9-11am 
Thursday 9-10am 

ASMSU Events Team Director-Traditions

Jack Eastham

Monday 12-1pm
Tuesday 2-3pm 
Wednesday 12-1pm
Thursday 2-3pm 
Friday 12-1pm 

ASMSU Events Team Associate

Conner Poore

Monday 10:50-12:50
Tuesday 9-10:40am 
Wednesday 10:50-11:50
Thursday 9-10:40
Friday 10:50 -12:50 

ASMSU Events Team Associate


ASMSU Events Team Virtual Engagement Associate

Kira Falaschi

Tuesday 8-9am
Thursday 8-9am
Friday 8-12pm 

ASMSU Events Team Marketing Associate

Marta Pendergast

Monday 9:15am-10:15am
Wednesday 11-1pm 
Thursday 2:30-5pm 

ASMSU Productions Director

Davis Rail