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Why Work on Campus While in School?

  • Gain Real-world Experience

    • There are many reasons to work on campus while you are a student. Working on campus helps you to build a network with peers, faculty, and staff that might be outside of their field of study. It teaches you how to develop a work-life balance. On Campus jobs can help you to build your portfolios and work skills to help secure jobs and career opportunities after graduation.
  • Flexibility
    • Most on-campus positions have a built-in flexibility component, with the understanding that your studies need to be your priority. On-campus positions allow you to create a schedule that allows for study time.
  • Great Location
    • Having a job right on campus saves time and gas. Most jobs are on campus, so you won’t need to worry about transportation, parking, or spending your money on gas to get to work.
  • A Mentor/Reference/or Letter Writer
    • Relationships built with staff and faculty on campus can last a lifetime. Often those relationships build into mentoring opportunities. The faculty and staff that you work with can provide letter of recommendations or be the reference you need when applying for your next job or graduate school.
  • Participate in Gold Standard
    • The MSU Gold Standard program, teaches students professional development, leadership training and NACE competencies. This program is designed to help students stand out when applying for internships and jobs after college.

Attend the Student Employment Job Fair, and find your next convenient, on campus job.

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Check out the MSU Gold Standard Website for Gold Standard Program Jobs and free Leadership Training.

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MSU employers, find your best student employees at Student Employment Job Fairs. Recruit for: Intership, part-time, and work study opportunities.

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