Time Management

Gaining control of your time may be the best thing you do to be successful in college. The important steps to take are to (1) Have a plan (2) Estimate how much time is needed accurately (3) Overcome Procrastination. Watch this video to learn how to manage your time effectively in college.

College Study Cycle

The college study cycle is a way to approach all lectures. There are 5 parts to the cycle: 1.Preview  2.Attendance  3.Review  4.Study  5.Assessment

Each part of the study cycle is essential for effective studying, exam preparation, and getting the most out of your classes.  Watch this video to learn about each part of the college study cycle.

Learning Anywhere

Where does learning happen? The answer: Learning happens in all places. The space and time you carve out for yourself outside of a regimented schedule, enables you to become expert on information you are studying. Classes and exams allow you to demonstrate what you know. Take a moment to watch this video for more on where learning takes place.

Hitting the Wall - What to do

Need to think of a new way to get things done, lacking motivation, feeling behind - ALL NATURAL. To overcome obstacles, you need to reach out. Utilize the many resources available to you. Take time to get the help you need and help yourself figure out what is necessary for you to move forward. For insight into what to do when you hit a wall, watch this video.

Importance of Routine

For dedicated study time and relaxing time, create a strong routine. Structure your routine so that you can get the most engagement out of your classes. Create a weekly schedule to include classes, mealtimes, commitments, study times, and downtimes. Routine is key for staying on task. Watch this video to learn more about the importance of routine.


Get out of your headspace and into actionable habits. Find out what to do and how to start. The key is to start small. To help yourself get going, watch this video.

Text Book Strategy

It is essential to approach textbook reading with a plan in mind. Textbook reading gives context, broad background to make learning stick. Ask yourself: What do I want to get out of the reading? For strategies/tips to get the most out of textbook reading, take the time to watch this video.