If you have been contacted to attend an MSU 101 Workshop: 

You have been referred to MSU 101 due to your academic standing. There are many reasons students may be referred to MSU 101, such as academic, personal, financial, health, or family issues. We want you to remember that we are commited to supporting you in your journey at Montana State University.  

As part of the referral, you are required to participate in one MSU 101 Workshop during the Spring Semester 2024. The MSU 101 Workshop and the academic warning process are designed to help you identify the resources, strategies, and tools most applicable to your individual needs. The Spring 2024 MSU 101 Workshop schedule is listed below, please register for one workshop that fits your schedule.

Spring 2024 Schedule:

Thursday, January 18: NAH 165, 5pm-7pm  -  completed

Tuesday, January 23: NAH 165, 5pm-7pm - completed

Wednesday, January 31: NAH 137, 5pm-7pm - completed



Benefits of attending the MSU 101 Workshop: 

  • Further develop your academic strategies 
  • Learn about campus resources  
  • Refine your time management skills 
  • Free dinner!

We also recommend that you begin your Spring Semester 2024 by booking an appointment with a Success Advisor. Your Success Advisor will assist you in developing signature strategies for your personal academic success. Students who attend the MSU 101 Workshops and make follow-up appointments often improve academic standing by receiving individualized support and guidance. 

If you feel you have already met this requirement or if you have questions, please contact the AYCSS at 406.994.7627 or [email protected]. 


MSU 101