If you received a communication from the Office of the Provost about Second Wind, this means you have been invited to return to campus and participate in the Second Wind Program, despite the academic hardships you may have experienced.  The Second Wind program is an option to move forward with your MSU experience.
The enrollment process is done through the AYCSS office. Students will need to meet with a Success Advisor to discuss their academic experiences, future goals, and develop a plan. AYCSS will then be able to enroll the student in the partnered US103 course of the program. 
Motivation, attaining flow, habits, time management techniques, learning strategies, career navigation, notetaking, growth mindset, critical thinking, information literacy, engaged citizenship, financial literacy, student development, self-care, goal setting and other meaningful topics for every learner.
Your eligibility for financial aid is separate from the Second Wind Program. Contact the MSU Office of Financial Aid for further questions, and/or talk to one of our Financial Education Coaches to strategize your school financing options.
Passionate and committed faculty are brought in from various departments on campus; a dedicated success advisor who supports students and guest speakers from support systems around campus.
Second Wind is a semester long course. However, the skills, supports, and connections you make will last your whole MSU career and beyond.

The Second Wind Program is managed through the Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success

Please reach out to Wyatt Mitchell, Second Wind Program Manager, [email protected]