Montana State is committed to creating and supporting transformational learning opportunities for our students through Navigate MSU. We acknowledge and celebrate that there are a variety of ways for students to learn, develop themselves, and engage with the world around them. A phenomenon that can help these processes is known as the flow state.

The flow state is a special state of mind where the task at hand is all encompassing, and distractions fall away to leave only the present moment.

Flow is found both in everyday life and in top levels of success—athletics, art, sciences, music, academics; flow can be present in any activity!

Benefits of finding flow for a student:

  • Increased focus for studying
  • Increased engagement with academic content
  • Decreased boredom
  • Better decision-making ability
  • Heightened creativity

Let us provide you tools to find your flow and transformative learning experiences at MSU.


Flow State is a positive psychology concept based on the work of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi