University Studies 103 (1 credit) - Course Description

University Studies 103, Learning Strategies, is designed to help students develop an enriched understanding of the learning process, and acquire essential academic success skills. The course provides students tools and insights to be more effective and engaged students, promotes valuable use of campus resources, and also functions as a support network for students transitioning off of academic suspension by examining barriers and solutions to common university challenges. Attaining an appropriate balance between student learning, student engagement and student development underlies all US103 instruction and activities.

At the end of this class, students will:

  • Articulate how theory and practice work together to support self-directed learning
  • Demonstrate critical thinking abilities and problem solving for deeper understanding
  • Identify learning management goals, areas of desired improvement, and methods for taking action
  • Exhibit a knowledge of educational standards and practices (study skills, hidden curriculum)
  • Understand MSU’s resources and learn how to effectively navigate the campus environment and build a community network
  • Frame college achievement in terms of the larger goal of life-long learning, career and professional growth, and engaged citizenship

Units of Study

  • Learning how to learn
  • Learning vs. Performance
  • Achieving engaged learning, flow
  • Evidence-based learning strategies
  • Insights to motivation
  • Habit formation, taking action
  • Time management, preventing procrastination
  • College Financial Literacy
  • Values, priorities, and goal setting
  • Critical Thinking, Information literacy
  • Growth mindset, grit and resiliency
  • A purpose for learning, engaged citizenship
  • Student development theory and applications
  • Wellness and self-care
  • Utilizing campus resources and building a community network
  • Intentional learning, designing your success
  • Career design and professional development