Barley Program Upcoming Events

 Join us for a virtual tour and live Q&A of the Quality Lab 10/1/20 at 4pm MTN - meet us on zoom, link here #craftmaltweek!

Hannah Turner and Jamie Sherman


2020 Virtual Field Day!

2020 MSU Virtual Field Day - barley field

MSU Info about the 2020 Virtual Field Day and Links to all Field Day Videos

MSU Barley Breeding Program videos

July 30th Live Question and Answer Session

On July 30th a live question and answer session will be hosted from 9am to 3pm. Each research group will have scheduled time slots - which we will post here when info is available. The session will be hosted by MAES and the College of Ag. To submit questions please e-maile to:

Ever wonder why breeding takes so long? Here program Field Manager Greg Lutgen reviews the 10 year process of making a new barley variety.

2020 Virtual Field Day - Field Manager - Greg Lutgen

MSU Barley Breeder Jamie Sherman explains why winter barley could offer a distinct advantage to Montana farmers and discusses the work MSU is doing on the new program for Winter Barley Breeding!

2020 Virtual Field Day - Jamie Sherman - Winter Breeding

MSU Barley Breeder Jamie Sherman discusses our most recent malt barley release, Buzz, and talks about our upcoming forage release

2020 Virtual Field Day - Jamie Sherman - Varities

Joe Jensen talks about his work on Pre-Harvest Sprout (PHS), Dormancy, and Speed of Hydration -- issues for farmers and maltsters - check it out!

2020 VFD - Joe Jensen

First Video up! Learn about the Stay-Green Trait with MS Candidate Jessica Williams!!

Jessica Williams Stay Green Trait


Barley Program Releases New Variety!

New Variety - Buzz - read more about it here. 

.pdf version of 2019 barley variety release can be found here

barley heads in the field


2019 Craft Malt Conference

Hosted at Montana State University

February 1 - 3, 2019

Get more info at the Craft Maltster's Guild webpage


Advanced Course in Craft Malt also to be hosted at MSU

week prior to conference: January 28th - 31st

Get more info at the Craft Maltster's Guild webpage

 Jamie Sherman and Jen Blair, the Director of the Craft Maltster's Guild,  discuss the upcoming conference with Brad Smith on the BeerSmith Podcast

BeerSmith Podcast logo


Montana Department of Commerce publishes updated report:

Malting: Industry Analysis Report

Read about the MSU Breeding Program in the April Addendum!




 Jamie Sherman discusses Malt on Montana Ag Live!

Jamie Sherman discusses malt on Montana Ag Live



A new article was just published by the Prairie Populist!


By Andie Creel




 The MSU Barley Breeding Program will bring to bear innovative methods and utilize the full range of stakeholder input to collaboratively create improved varieties for quality, stability, and sustainability to catalyze a strong Montana economy.



The MSU Barley Breeding Program will research, educate, and serve to improve barley, providing an economic benefit to Montana stakeholders.



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