Staygreen Roots

root tracing

Relationships between roots, the stay-green phenotype, andagronomic performance in barley and wheat grown in semi-aridconditions

Jessica L. Williams, Jamie D. Sherman, Peggy Lamb, Jason Cook, Jennifer A. Lachowiec, Maryse Bourgault, 2022.


Flowering & Senescence

Barley flowering

Selection of favorable alleles of genes controlling flowering
and senescence improves malt barley quality

Burcu Alptekin, Mohammad Erfatpour, Dylan Mangel, Duke Pauli, Tom Blake, Hannah Turner, Jennifer Lachowiec, Jamie Sherman, Andreas Fischer.


Extended Grain Fill

barley field

Combined effects of a glycine-rich RNA-binding protein and a NAC transcription factor extend grain fill duration and improve malt barley agronomic performance.

Burcu Alptekin, Dylan Mangel, Duke Pauli, Tom Blake, Jennifer Lachowiec, Traci Hoogland, Andreas Fischer, Jamie Sherman, 2021.


Barley Entomology

sawfly larva

Effect of precipitation and temperature on larval survival of Cephus cinctus (Hymenoptera:Cephidae) in barley cultivars.

Achhami, B.B., GVP Reddy, JD Sherman, RKD Peterson, DK Weaver, 2020.


Quality Genetics

spring wheat

Genetic analysis of stay-green, yield, and agronomic traits in spring wheat.

J. P. Cook1 R. K. Acharya2 J. M. Martin1 N. K. Blake1 I. J. Khan1 H.-Y. Heo1 K. D. Kephart3 J. Eckhoff4 L. E. Talbert1 J. D. Sherman.  2021.


Pre-Harvest Sprouting

sprouted wheat heads

Mutations in the HvMKK3 and HvAlaAT1 genes affect barley pre‐harvest sprouting and after‐ripened seed dormancy.

Vetch J.M., J. G. Walling, J. Sherman, J. M. Martin, M. J. Giroux, 2020.


Wheat Stem Sawfly

stem sawfly

Comparison of three alleles at a major solid stem QTL for wheat stem sawfly resistance and agronomic performance in hexaploid wheat

P. Cook, D. K. Weaver, A. C. Varella, J. D. Sherman, M. L. Hofland, H.‐Y. Heo, C. Caron, P. F. Lamb, N. K. Blake and L. E. Talbert, 2019.




Perennial crop legacy effects on nematode community structure in semi-arid wheat systems

Burkhardt, A., Briar, S., Martin, J., Carr, P., Lachowiec, J. A., Zabinski, C., Roberts, D., Miller, P., Sherman, J., 2019.


Genetic Research Population

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Registration of the S2MET Barley Mapping Population for Multi- Environment Genome-wide Selection

Neyhart, J. L., Sweeney, D., Sorrells, M., Kapp, C., McFarland, A., Kephart, K., Sherman, J., Stockinger, E. J., Fisk, S., Hayes, P., Daba, S., Mohammadi, M., Hughes, N., Lukens, L., Barrios, P. G., Gutierrez, L., Smith, K. P., 2019.


Quality Lab Publications

Barley SEM cell walls

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