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This tool will allow you to review both agronomic and malting data of varieties we test in our Intrastate and Off-station trials, sorting by variety, location, year and more!


Off-Station Varietal Reports

History of the Off-Station Trials

For many years the MSU breeding program has utilized off-station trials to agronomically evaluate common regional varieties as well as elite lines nearing potential release from our program. The trials are grown on farmer managed land at locations all over Montana giving a real world assesment of variety performance. The data generated is an excellent tool for both our breeding program and producers of our region to assess what lines might be best suited for different environments. Recently, with the help of funding from the Montana Wheat and Barley Committee, we have begun malting material from these trials as well. This malt data will help inform all those along the barley value chain grower to glass about varietal and environmental performance in our region. Check out the links below for more information!

2019 Off-Station Report

2018 Off-Station Report

Varietal Agronomic Performance Reports


printable .pdf for 2017 Variety Performance Report


Malt Variety Dictionary

In this section of the site we strive to offer useful information about malt varieties commonly grown in the region. We hope that this resource may be informative for those in the Craft industry including farmers, maltsters, brewers and distillers as they determine what variety or varieties would be best for their needs.