Scaled Brewing to Best Represent a Craft System!

Our program is highly unique in our ability to start with in idea in the greenhouse and follow that dream through the full barley value chain from breeding, to malting, to brewing. This capability gives us invaluable insight and understanding of the  processes leading to the great Craft Beer of today! This makes us better breeders, better educators, and better quality analysts!

Our System

Ss Brewtech 5 gallon electric brewing

automated temperature control and pump movement throughout

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-Ss Grain Mill

-10 gallon hot liquor kettle

-10 gallon infusion mash tun

-Recirculating Infusion Mash system - for step mashing

-10 gallon boil kettle

-3x 7 gallon Unitank fementers with FTS heating and cooling

-2x 1/2 hp glycol chillers

-CIP automation

MSU Barley, Malt & Brewing Quality Lab - brew day setup

*Fermentations currently managed at a facility off campus.