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Malt Mineral Composition - CBC 2022

different malts on display

Malt mineral composition impacts brewing process and final beer flavor

Take a look at early research working to support maltsters and brewers via improved process understanding, definition of terroir for beer, and potentially leading to new product development. This work to be presented at the 2022 Craft Brewers Conference.


Koji at MSU

Koji variations

Koji is a unique and ancient processing technique that is now being explored for brewing.

Learn about the work PhD Candidate Aline Brido is doing at Montana State University!


Koji Malting

koji malt

Originating in sake production, koji malting is the next flavor frontier.

­Fusion styles aren’t just for foodies, fusion malt creates unique flavors from koji processing.


Mash Master


Mashing methods to maximize malt performance and match brew style

Mashing is a critical step in the brewing process. This article walks you through historical methods and key parameters to promote the enzymes that allow a brewer to convert starch to sugar for fermentation.



Malt COA Breakdown

different malts on display

The malt Certificate of Analysis (COA) is your road map to success when navigating new malts.

Particularly with the growing craft malt industry, which embraces unique and interesting processes and products, it is becoming increasingy important that brewers utilized and understand the malt COA. This document cues brewers into the meaning behind each parameter.


Malt COA - a deeper look

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Malt COA from the maltster's persepctive

Feeling comfortable with the COA from a brewers perspective? Wanting to go deeper into its meaning? The malt COA is chock full information that is important to both malters and brewers - but each parameter may be informative for different reasons. This document explains each point while offering advice for parameter controls to maltsters.



Craft Maltsters in Montana and Regionally

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Interested to Learn about Craft Malt in our State and Nearby? 

Connect with Craft Malt in our State and around the region through this curated collection of links!


Homebrewer resources for Craft Malt

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Wanting to Brew at Home with Craft Malt?

The Craft Malsters Guild has compiled the contact info you need to reach out directy to malsters and to homebrew shops nation wide. Direct shipping available for Craft Malt from across the country!


Hot Steep Method

hot steep filtering worts

Start a Malt Sensory Program for Critical Evaluation of Your Malt Products!

The Hot Steep Method is designed to be rapid, affordable and easy to perform. Creating a malt tea, or a quick wort - this method allows you to do sensory evaluations of malt in a deeper way than just chewing the malt - experience color, mouthfeel and flavor. Great for recipe development, malt to malt comparison, and for maintaining a consistent product!


Malt Sensory

Malt sensory evaluation

The Craft Malster's Guild Encourages you to Really Get to Know Your Craft Malt Through Sensory!

Check out the Guild's resource center for malt sensory evaluation!


FSMA Plan Builder

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Interactive Plan Builder to Get Your Brewery Compliant with Current Food Safety Regulations

Food Safety Plans are daunting to create - give yourself a break and make it a bit easier with this downloadable guide!


Glycosidic Nitrile (GN) Management

whiskey with malt barley for distilling

Glycosidic Nitrile Management in Malted Barley is of Interest to Distillers

Few varieties currently grown in North America are "non-GN", this is an important consideration for distillers. This ASBC poster presentation was a joint project between MSU and Hartwick College and outlines GN levels in common NA varieties along with management practices.


Brewers Association FREE Safety Training

BA Safety

The BA has Develope Free Safety Courses Including Cerfiticates

Take Advantage of this Excellent Resource!

American Craft Spirits Asssociation Complimentary Safety Webinars

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The ACSA Offers Free Safety Webinars

Another fantastic free resource for safety in your distillery or brewery!

Malting Barley
for Craft Brewers


Brewers Association Report for Craft Brewers

The brewing industry is evolving rapidly, and the barley malt supply chain must evolve rapidly to meet the very different 
needs of all-malt beer brewers. Brewers Association member craft brewers have identified malt supply mismatches as a potential 
impediments to growing their brands.

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