Hot Steep Step by Step Instructions

- Brewing with Briess -

Printable Version of The Hot Steep Method located here


Video Tutorial

The Hot Steep Method is detailed in this Brewers Association production


Hot Steep Equipment List

Detailed below are all the materials you'll need to get started!



One Time


Recurring Purchase

Vendor    Notes
Thermos Once Amazon Price is per each, suggested to purchase 3-6
Funnels Once Amazon Price is per each, suggested to purchase 3-6
Collection Flasks Once Amazon Price is for a set of 12
Water Kettle Once Amazon This kettle is pricier than other options, but has a large volume and flexibility for you to set to 65C or 149F where others have limited temperature settings
Graduated Pitcher Once Amazon Set of 5. These pitchers have many uses from measuring steep water, pre-wetting filters, and serving palate cleansing water to acting as a collection vessel for un-finished samples
Scale Once Amazon Great pocket scale, highly recomend - particularly if you will be traveling to hot steep demonstrations
Mill Once Amazon Adjustable burr mills such as this example will give a much more consitent grind and more consistent results than a cheaper whur type mill.
Timers Once Amazon Two-pack
Flavor Maps Once Craft Malster's Guild Price is per map, there is a base and specialty map option. Recomended to get enough for easy viewing of all your tasters. Laminating these post purchase will prevent sticky wort from damaging your investment.
Wheeled Kit Carrier Optional Amazon Two pack. Great if you plan to travel for demonstrations. We use these for shipping the CMG's kits across the country via pallets for classes/conferences and they are great!
Sharpies Recurring  Amazon 12-pack, Amazon basics
Labeling Tape Recurring Amazon 5 rolls. Tape removes without leaving residue. Keep your steeps organized and your kit clean!
Filter Papers Recurring




Box of 100 pleated papers. You could use coffee filters, but these are more durable and the pleats help filtration go quickly
2oz Cups Recurring Amazon

500 cups

Water Recurring Grocery Deionized water is commonly available at your local grocer

*Price may vary

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