Overground Motion Analysis

MSU NMBL Overground Movement Analysis Space

Multidirectional movements and overground locomotion are analyzed in this 1000 square foot room. Relevant equipment include a 10-camera Motion Analysis Corp. motion capture system, five in ground AMTI force plates centered in the room, multiple analog to digital conversion systems, a 16-channel wireless electromyography system, a high-powered computer for real-time data processing and providing visual cues, and a large screen television for visual displays.


Instrumented Treadmill Motion Analysis

MSU NMBL Treadmetrix Treadmill

A 6-camera motion capture system and instrumented treadmill (Treadmetrix) enable full-body kinematics and kinetics to be measured during continuous straight-ahead movements at full speed and at an incline/decline. 


Isokinetic Strength Testing

MSU NMBL Isokinetic dynamometer

The HUMAC isokinetic dynamometer system consists of HUMAC software controlling a Biodex System 3 machine. The system provides standardized strength testing for upper and lower extremities under isokinetic, isometric, and isotonic conditions. 


Functional Neuroimaging

MSU NMBL NIRSport systemThe NIRx NIRSport fNIRS (Functional Near-InfraRed Spectroscopy) System is a portable device that measures hemodynamic responses to neuroactivation via oxy-, deoxy-, and total hemoglobin changes in the cerebral cortex. This system contains 8 source optodes, 8 detector optodes, and can collect up to 32 channels at once. Short distance channel detectors improve the ability to correct for movement artifact. The NIRSport fNIRS device enables the MSU Neuromuscular Biomechanics Lab to measure neural activation in specific brain regions during stationary and dynamic activities.