Catapalooza Vendor Rules

  • Electrical power will not be provided. Generator use must be approved in advance by event coordinator in the MSU Office of Student Engagement. Utilizing generators or campus electrical power without approval may result in removal from the event. 
  • Items that do not fit in a standard booth space (11x10) must be approved by event coordinator. 
  • Vendors are prohibited from seeking a monetary exchange for products, services, or donations at Catapalooza.
  • Sharing a booth with a nonregistered vendor is not allowed. 
  • Someone must be at your booth at all times, except for restroom breaks. Student organizations only - because of classes, you may leave your booth unattended if you need to but your organization is responsible for all items at your booth. 
  • You may not have a booth (or video for Virtual Catapalooza) that promotes a controlled substance because of the general provisions of the Facilities Use Manual Section 210 and 220 and the MSU Alcohol Marketing Guidelines. Although medical marijuana is legal in the State of Montana, it is still illegal under Federal law. Because the sale and distribution of marijuana is illegal under federal law, we cannot allow advertisement for its sale on university property.
  • Vendors are expected to cooperate and communicate with event staff in a professional manner. Failure to cooperate or follow directives of event staff in a professional manner may result in removal from the event. 
  • Only registered vendors may participate in Catapalooza. Any other for profit entity is not authorized to conduct advertising or promotion of their business on campus under university policy.