At Montana State University, we recognize that learning occurs outside of the classroom.  Co-curricular engagements help to develop skills and competencies that you will use for a lifetime. CatsConnect and a Co-Curricular Record (CCR) are designed to facilitate and document your involvement and achievements beyond the classroom at MSU.

The purpose of the CCR is to provide evidence of learning and engagement outside the classroom.

  • Students benefit from more thoughtful and integrated opportunities, and they are able to articulate the importance of their experience.
  • MSU benefits from engagement metrics, comprehensive program assessment, and longitudinal data collection to better collaborate with the Strategic Plan.


The CCR is a student record documenting both self-reported and institutionally verified aspects of the student’s co-curricular involvement.  The CCR compliments and informs your official transcript, CV, e-portfolio and/or resume.

Is it like an e-portfolio?

A co-curricular record is not an e-portfolio.  Rather, a co-curricular record compliments an e-portfolio much like it compliments an official transcript. 

The CatsConnect allows students to select which experiences to publish to an MSU official, personalized co-curricular record.  It looks like a resume, listing your memberships, activities accomplishments and outcomes.  An E-Portfolio includes examples documenting the best of your work (both in and out of class), usually through photos or examples, professional skills identification, and reflections.

How to use the CCR

CatsConnect helps you track your involvement, gives you the opportunity to add your own reflections and experiences, and compiles them into one document for you to use for when applying for jobs, professional or graduate programs, or scholarships and awards.

  • Use it to track your activities and experiences and to find examples and language to express the value of those achievements to your growth and learning.
  • Use it to add to your resume or CV.
  • Use it in an interview as a reference to draw upon your experiences and skills.

How to view your unofficial CCR

  • After logging into CatsConnect, click your Profile Icon in the top right corner to make the User Drawer appear. Then, click Co-Curricular Record.
  • From this page, you are able to customize your CCR based on what you are using it for, by choosing to hide or view certain parts of your involvement.
  • You can also choose to change the layout, print or view the PDF version, or save your CCR.

How to add experiences

CatsConnect allows you to build out your CCR by adding self-reported experiences.

  • After logging into CatsConnect, click your Profile Icon to make the User Drawer appear. Then, click Experiences.
  • When you arrive to the Experiences Page, click the "Add Experience" button towards the top right. Here, you get to choose the type of experience you would like to report. You can choose from e-Portfolio, Honors & Awards, Internships & Employment, Peer Mentoring, Reseach, and Study Abroad Experience.
  • Then, follow the fields in the form. You will have the option to provide or upload documentation to validate your experiences.

Since each opportunity requires validation at the time of its completion, it can be difficult to validate activities or accomplishments from previous years. The CCR program strives to be inclusive and fair to all students. While self-reported experiences cannot be verified by the university, you will have the opportunity to upload supporting documentation.

How to add Service Hours

  • After logging into CatsConnect, click your Profile Icon to make the User Drawer appear. Then, click Service Hours.
  • When you arrive to the page, you will see your Service Hours Dashboard containing your cumulative service hours.
  • click the "Add Service Hours" button towards the top right, and follow the steps through the form. You will need to provide the email address of the contact person at your service site.