Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), also known as Clubs, represent a wide variety of academic, pre-professional, spiritual, political, musical, support, service, sport, and special interest topics. Currently, there are over 250 MSU recognized clubs and organizations, of which approximately one-third receive direct funding from student fees.

For a full list of Recognized Student Clubs, please click HERE to visit the Organizations page on CatsConnect.


Registered Student Organization resources at Montana State University encompass a range of tools and support mechanisms designed to assist student-led groups in effectively managing their operations, events, and engagement initiatives, fostering a vibrant and organized campus community.

Club Registration

Annual Student Organization Registration

Officially enroll your Club or Organization to maintain yourrecognition status, and access to university resources and benefits.


RSO Toolbox

Organization Toolbox Guide

A comprehensive resource, offering student organizations valuable tools and guidance to maximize their impact, streamline operations, and enhance engagement within the campus community.
RSO Funding Guide

Student Org Funding Guide

Essential information and step-by-step guidance for student organizations, helping them navigate the funding process, access resources, and successfully finance their events and initiatives.


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