mongolia students

Students provide rural health care in Mongolia.

Why should someone pursue an undergraduate degree in the Cell Biology and Neuroscience? There are about a hundred answers to that question. Most of the students entering our program as freshman want to become physicians, and many do just that. However, just as many become interested in other fields, for example, physician's assistant, scientist, dentist, or occupational therapist.

There is a huge number and variety of health professions and the demand for these professionals is very strong. Our curriculum is designed to offer an exceedingly strong background for graduate and professional study in most of these fields. Below you can find links to websites that explain what each of those professions involve, including what life is like for the practicing professional, the skills needed, what one can expect to earn, and education required. We expect many of our graduates to enter one of these health careers.

A few graduates each year decide to become scientists and apply to graduate school. Below are introductory websites to the fields of neuroscience, and computational biology or bioinformatics. Why those particular fields? It is in these areas that our research is very strong, and students who want to become scientists often begin their scientific investigations as undergraduates in faculty laboratories. In fact, if that is your desire, you should check out our website to see a more detailed description of faculty research. Students entering graduate school from CBN are very likely to enter one of these growing, promising fields.

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Computational biology and Bioinformatics