Mission Statement:

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) of Montana State University’s Chemistry and Biochemistry Department exists to strengthen the graduate student community with the aim of serving the needs and improving the experience and research quality of the current graduate students by

1)      Providing them with tools to grow intellectually via financial support and skill strengthening activities

2)      Promoting the graduate student interactions with each other, post-docs, and professors within this department, as well as with other MSU departments, other chemistry departments across the country/world, and the public.


  • Specific Tools for Intellectual Development:
    • Travel grants


  • Promotion of Graduate Student Interactions:
    • Annual August Picnic
    • GSA coordinate social events (i.e. Donut mornings, End of semester pizza parties)


Committee Bylaws


  • Any graduate student can nominate themselves or be nominated by another graduate student. 
    • This includes all students who have an advisor in the chemistry and biochemistry department.
    • Elections will be announced via email prior to last winter social
    • Nominations will open the first Monday in March and close that Friday
      • Nominees must accept nomination by the second Monday in March
      • Election will be held the last Friday in March
        • Election will occur on a “donut/bagel morning”
        • Election will be by ballot voting
        • Board members count the votes
        • Majority vote of board members will break any ties
        • Winners will be announced that same day
        • New board members will begin attending meetings the first week of April
        • New board members will begin their term the first week in May
        • Members remain on GSA board for up to 2 years.
          • Members can only serve one term (this is for your own good!)
          • Board members must be PhD track.
          • All board members must be working in the lab of a PI in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Building 
          • No board may have more than two members in the same research group.
          • If a board member relinquishes their position or graduates while on the board, a nomination will be open to the graduate student body but will be voted in by majority vote of the board.
          • Any board member may be removed from office at any given time with at least a 3/1 vote.
          • All board members will have access to the Graduate Student Association email account.
          • Financial statements and meeting minutes will be readily provided to the members of the Graduate Student Association when requested.
          • Any bylaw may be amended or added via majority vote of the board.
          • Majority of the board members must approve any individual spending exceeding $50 (excluding Costco snack bar runs)

GSA Responsibilities

  1. Snack Bar
  2. Annual Picnic
  3. Maintaining the website
  4. Travel Grant


Funding sources

1)      GSA fundraisers through merchandise (mugs, hoodies etc…)

2)      Office of Student Engagement

3)      Snack Bar