The Antarctic subglacial environment remains one of the least explored regions of Earth's biosphere and information about its nature is transforming the way we view the continent. Kathy Kasic is a co-Principal Investigator for Education and Outreach on an NSF grant with PI John Priscu called, SALSA: Subglacial Antarctic Lakes Scientific Access, an integrated study of carbon cycling in hydrologically-active subglacial environments. As part of CCS and SALSA, Kasic will oversee the development of web materials, three short films, and art installation and outreach management amongst collaborators at 7 institutions across the US involved in this Antarctic research.

Under the Sea


SALSA: Subglacial Antarctic Lake Scientific Access will provide new data on subglacial lakes and address key questions directly relevant to West Antarctica's ice sheet stability, subglacial hydrological system, and the deep-cold subglacial biosphere.

Under water