Banner (aka MyInfo) is the Student Information System (SIS) that integrates with Brightspace (D2L) on the MSU Bozeman campus. IPSIS (Integration Pack for Student Information Systems) is an integration platform in Brightspace that facilitates the import of information from Banner to Brightspace.

Updates from Banner to D2L via IPSIS are how course and user information are set up inside Brightspace. Some information on behavior is outlined below.

Updates from Banner to Brightspace run multiple times during the day

  • Monday through Friday at  ~ 7:00 AM; 10:00 AM; 2:00 PM; 5:00 PM; 8:00 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday at  ~ 12 PM and 8 PM

Actions related to accounts and courses are handled by the Registrar.

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Account behavior in Brightspace

When a user is added by Banner (My Info) into a Brightspace course automatically, the course related information will only be overwritten in Brightspace by Banner (My Info) when changes occur in Banner specific to the account in that course (Drop, Withdrawal, and so forth).

Note: If a user is unenrolled from a Brightspace course manually by a managing user (typically instructor role), the user will remain unenrolled from the course.  An unenrolled user can be added back into the course via the classlist.

Account creation behavior

Banner (My Info) automatically creates an account in Brightspace for users under certain conditions:

  • Learner role is initially created in Brightspace when the user first registers for a class via Banner.
  • Instructor role is initially created in Brightspace when the user is registered as Instructor of Record in Banner related to a class.

For a Banner created account, if user-specific account information changes in Banner related to the account (email, name change, and so forth), the change will also be made in Brightspace when the next available Banner-to-Brightspace update occurs.

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Instructor Account Maintenance

Over time a build up of courses from past semesters populate the accounts of instructors in the system.

Instructor role can manage the courses that they have access to by going into a past course that they do not wish to continue seeing and unenrolling themselves from the course.

Select this link to access information on the unenroll self workflow

If they have unenrolled themselves from a past course and wish to be re-enrolled they must contact support staff who will do the work.

Ecat Team
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 406-994-3255 - Option 2 

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Learner Account Maintenance

Student role access to courses is governed by Banner and registrations related to semesters.

  • All courses are auto-provisioned from Banner and exist in Brightspace. All enrollments are updated in each of these courses daily from Banner.
  • For a learner who is registered properly, a course can appear up to 5 days before the start date *if* the instructor has made it active.
  • Not all instructors choose to use Brightspace, and, in some cases, an instructor may not make a course active until a later date.
  • If a learner does not see an expected course appearing as of the start date and the instructor has indicated that Brightspace will be used for the course, contact the instructor.

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Course Merge Timing

Course merge requests are handled on a first come first serve basis.

Select this link for information related to merging courses in the Brightspace system

To request a merge: Instructors send an email to [email protected] detailing the courses/sections that will comprise the merged course.

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Inactive User Accounts

Individuals who have registered for classes at MSU-Bozeman are created in the MSU-Bozeman Brightspace system with a 'student' role.

When no business has been conducted by an individual in Banner in over a year, the 'student' role in Brightspace is changed to that of an 'InactiveUser' role. The 'InactiveUser' role change stays in place until the individual again engages with Banner (registers for class, gets on the payroll, etc.). Action of this type changes 'InactiveUser' role back to 'Student' role.

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