• MSU Office of the Registrar Forms:  These forms include add/drop for extraordinary circumstances request, application for graduation, CATCourse Registration, Chosen Name, Name Change, New Undergraduate Course Approval Form, Enrollment or Degree Verification, Fresh Start Policy & Petition, In Absentia, Name Change, Request for Pass/Fail Grading, Residency Questionnaire, Returning Student Intent to Register, Seamless MSU Transfer Application, Transcript Requests and Information, and University Withdrawal Request.

  • Course Substitution Request 

    • This form can only be used to request substitutions for Department of Agricultural Economics & Economics courses and curriculum requirements.
      • Majors and Minors: Agricultural Business, Economics, and Financial Engineering.
      • Courses: AGBE, ECNS, EFIN.


  • Graduation Preparation
    • Undergraduate Pre-Graduation Form
      1. Complete a new plan in DegreeWorks titled "Final Semester Plan - Semester Year" (input the semester and year you are planning to graduate). Include the classes you plan to take your final semester, ensuring they will be offered in that semester. Meet with your advisor to discuss if necessary.
      2. When your plan is complete complete the Pre-Graduation Form to let the department know your plan is ready for review.
      3. Once your plan has been reviewed you will receive an email letting you know if your plan has been approved and if there are any additional steps necessary prior to submitting your application.
      4. For more information on the graduation process please visit MSU Office of the Registrar Graduation Process and Application.
    • Graduate Pre-Graduation Form
      1. Ensure committee selection has been submitted and approved. Submit any necessary changes through MyInfo.
      2. Ensure that you have submitted a Program of Study (due at the end of your first semester for certificate students and second semester for masters). Check that the Program of Study has been approved and does not need any changes.
      3. Complete the Graduate Pre-Graduation Formto let the department know yourplan is ready for review.
      4. Once reviewed you will receive an email letting you knowif there are any additional steps necessary prior to submitting your graduation application.
      5. Apply for graduation through MyInfounder the Student Services tab.
      6. You will be registered for your classes during priority registration. Inform the Student Success Coordinator if you are planning to take any classes outside the department so these can be added to your schedule. 


  • Independent Study Form 

    • Meet with an instructor and obtain all documents prior to completing this form.
    • When complete, email form and required documents to [email protected] or provide a physical copy to the Registrar's Office.