Note:  It is highly recommended that you use only a basic (“Four-Function”) calculator while studying in EdReady.


EdReady at MSU and Gallatin College

EdReady is a FREE online math readiness tool that is available to students at Montana State University and Gallatin College. EdReady features include online math placement and math review. Please read through the following sections to determine which option is right for you!

  • EdReady Initial Math Placement
  • EdReady Practice Levels 
  • Are you interested in EdReady but don't plan on attending MSU? It may still be possible to use EdReady.

If you have any questions or are wondering if EdReady is right for you, please visit our FAQ.

EdReady Initial Math Placement

Every incoming student at MSU needs Math Placement, and the way to generate a Math Placement is to take the EdReady Initial Math Placement. 

  • Students without a Math Placement include those who have not submitted ACT/SAT scores or do not have college-level credit that fulfills a math course at MSU. 
  • If you are a student without a math placement, you must take the online EdReady Initial Math Placement prior to meeting with your advisor.
  • Once you complete your Initial Math Placement you will be informed about your math placement level and given the option to improve your placement in your EdReady Study Path!

For new and incoming MSU Students WITH a Math Placement

  • Your current math placement is listed in your MyInfo Checklist and in the DegreeWorks “Placement Data” section.
  • Students with a math placement are not required to take the EdReady Initial Math Placement, but it may be recommended, depending on the math and science requirements of your major.
  • Please visit Math Required by Major. In the event your math placement is lower than the required math for your major, you should take the EdReady Initial Math Placement.

If you already completed the Initial Math Placement and have questions, please visit our FAQ.

How do I sign up for EdReady Initial Math Placement?


Visit the EdReady Initial Math Placement single sign on page. Use your MSU NetID and pasword to sign in. 

EdReady for Continuing MSU Students

EdReady Practice Levels are available to current MSU students who have a math placement

  • Current MSU students with a math placement who wish to revisit possible gaps in their math skills, become better prepared for college math, or have not taken math recently, may request an EdReady account.
  • Current MSU students with questions about their math placement and the math required for their major should contact their academic advisor.
How do I sign up for EdReady as a continuing student?

This is not the correct sign-up method for new freshman and transfer students registered for Orientation.

Continuing students, in order to register you for EdReady Practice Levels, we need to collect a little information about you:


EdReady requests may take up to 5 business days for the team to process. Once your request has been processed, you can login using your MSU NetID and password.

How do I login and use EdReady?

Once you have your account setup, you can login using your MSU NetID and password. If you have any questions, problems, or concerns, please email us.


Last Day to take the EdReady Initial Math Assessment for Placement Determination:  Before 11:59pm on the Fourth Class Day of the Semester

Last Day to improve an EdReady score and move a Placement Level:  Eight Days Before the First Class Day of the Semester, before 11:59 pm