Please arrive at the Outdoor Recreation Program Building (1401 W Lincoln St, Bozeman MT) by 9am on the first day of your Expedition. Note for participants in the 4th block of trips in August our start time is 12pm 

Scholarships are available for all Expeditions MSU programs. Scholarship applications are due by April 15, and applicants will be notified by May 1 at the latest.  Please submit an application via the following link and specify which block and trip(s) you are interested in: 

  • 3+ weeks: full refund

  • 2-3 weeks- 50% refund (conditional on if there are 6+ participants remaining in the trip)

  • 1-2 weeks- 25% refund (conditional on if there are 6+ participants remaining in the trip)

For students who will be attending any of the expedition programs during the summer, there will be housing available in the residence halls, but it is not included in the Expeditions MSU fee. You can register for a room by following this link to conference services website. Your group code (necessary for registration) is: OriExp2020

  • For the final Expeditions MSU session (Aug 22nd - 26th), students will be able to move in early to their room for the Fall Semester starting at 9am on Saturday, August 22nd.  The cost of moving in early is included in your program cost.  
  • If you would like to have time to get settled into your room before your expedition, we recommend that you contact residential life to arrange an early move in. To move in the night before your expedition costs $25. You can arrange this either by calling residential life: 406-994-2661 or via their website at the following link:

Students will be provided a secure location at the Outdoor Recreation Center to store suitcases and other baggage during their Expeditions MSU program.  

Students should not expect to be back in town before 6pm on the day of their trip returns. Travel arrangements should be made with this expectation. It will take around an hour for students to get from our building to the airport.

Most of our trip locations do not have reliable cell phone coverage. As well we ask our students and staff to turn off and stow their phones, so they can be present in the experience and part of the group. IF you have an emergency and need to contact a student please reach out to the Outdoor Program at 406-994-3621 for assistance. 
  • All of our trips carry a satellite text message communication device. The trip leaders have been trained on our emergency communication protocols and we maintain an on-call system to respond to issues 24hrs a day. 
  • We hold a no news is good news philosophy. Our trip leaders check in regularly and let the base camp team know about any changes in route or plan.
You can check in with our Social Media pages (Facebook and Instagram) for regular updates on the program.
Our trip leaders are trained in wilderness medicine and are practiced with our emergency response plans (ERP) that have been tailored to each trip. In the event of an emergency, after they have managed the emergent concerns they will initiate the ERP.  It is helpful for us to know about any medical conditions that might affect a student’s ability to participate.
We offer a variety of Trips, Credit based courses, Clinics and other Programs. Please check out our website for more details. As well for students who are interested in working as an employee for the program please check out the School of Adventure Leadership!