Demonstrations show how to do something. They show a step-by-step process with a completed product at the end. Illustrated Talks convey a concept or idea using visual aids. Demonstrations can be thought of as a “how to” guide and Illustrated Talks are an “about” lesson. Demonstrations and Illustrated Talks use many of the same skills and therefore have traditionally been evaluated with the same scoring tool. Both presentation styles help the 4-H member develop research and planning skills, as well as confidence in speaking to an audience.

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Demonstration & Illustrated Talk Examples





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Create a Polished Presentation

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If possible, tilt work surface toward audience.Use trays to organize supplies.  Consider coordinating supplies, posters, apron, etc.Use a covered box as a visual aid and flip to different sides.Consider using computer designed poster for a professional look.Use clear cookware when possible.Keep your work surface organized, and cover brand names.Consider an electric burner for cooking demonstrations.  Use a clear pot to show audience.Smaller posters are easier for smaller 4-H members to handle.Get creative with poster.  They can be three-dimensional.  This one uses silk flowers and die cut letters.Create an eye-catching, easy to read title poster.A tripod, video camera and projector can make it easier to show the audience detail work. Posters can be cut to shape and/or put on rings to flip over.

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