Keeping Fit & Healthy

First Aid in Action: Youth practice first aid skills to treat cuts, scrapes, nosebleeds and bee stings. They learn how to respond to someone who is choking or has broken a bone; assemble a first aid kit; and interview members of the medical profession.

Food Science

What’s on Your Plate: Exploring Food Science is a comprehensive food science curriculum with hands-on experiments - some of which learners can eat as they discover the science behind food preparation. Youth will conduct food experiments, collect and analyze data and explore career opportunities. The youth science journal leads learners through the experiments and provides them with use-at-home information.

  • Level 1, Unit 1 uncovers the “Secrets of Baking” with activities to understand science of baked goods – gluten, leavening and proper mixing. The first activity is “Great Globs of Gluten.”
  • Level 2, Unit 2 “The Power of Protein Chemistry” explores the many ways eggs are used in foods and how milk turns into cheese.
  • Level 3, Unit 3 dives into “The Inner Mysteries of Fruits and Vegetables.” Activities include how to prepare fruits and vegetables so they look and taste appealing in color and texture. There are experiments that help youth discover process osmosis and diffusion when cooking fruit.
  • Level 4, Unit 4 the “Be a Food Scientist” lets learners look at a day in the life of a food scientist, as well as practice being one as they create a new beverage and learn about crystallization.

Food: Party Planner

An opportunity for youth to develop knowledge and understanding of nutrition, menu planning, safe food handling skills, kitchen equipment safety, consumer skills, fitness, meal and time management and careers related to food and nutrition. The manual can help you have as much fun planning as attending parties and other events.

M Party Planner: A 4-H Guide to Quantity Cooking, 4H477
S MyPlate



In the bicycle project, learn and practice good bicycle safety habits, enjoy bicycling for exercise and learn about the parts of the bicycle and how to maintain it.


M Bicycling for Fun, BU8334
M Wheels in Motion, BU8335
L Bicycle Helper’s Guide, BU8336 - This guide is designed to provide engaging and fun group activities for cycling enthusiasts. It contains information and activities related to basic bicycle handling, traffic skills and bicycle events and activities the whole group will enjoy.