• Project Learning Tree, K–12, Contact Cindy Peterson, MSU Extension Forestry at (406)243-4706 or 
    [email protected] to get trained. Project Learning Tree is an award-winning environmental education program designed for teachers and other educators, parents, and community leaders working with youth from preschool through grade 12.
  • Acres of Adventures, 2 book set $17.95, available through Shop 4-H. Each book in this two-volume series features 40 child-tested activities that can be administered in a 30-minute period with additional ideas for extending the activity time.
  • Discover 4-H Clubs – Utah State University. These books provide a series of activities to do with youth. Each book has about 7 activities. Areas available to download include planet energy, archaeology, beading, family history, sewing, fitness, dog, and many more. 

Power of the Wind

Youth will learn how the energy of the wind is transferred to machines to do work for us. Youth will also learn to think as an engineer and design and improve projects. Youth will use engineering skills to perfect their own designs. Some of the activities include a wind powered boat, making a Beaufort scale, observing and measuring wind and creating and testing a pinwheel.

M The Power of the Wind Youth Guide, BU8383
L The Power of the Wind Facilitator Guide, BU8384

4-H Weather and Climate Youth Learning Lab

The goal of this project is to study the world of weather and climate, and specifically how they are influenced by natural processes and human activities. While this Leader’s Guide is written for the four states of Colorado, Montana, South Dakota and Wyoming, it can be applied in any state or region. When you finish teaching these activities, participants will have a better understanding of natural forces and human impacts through using the learning labs and conducting hands-on experiments and activities.

M/L 4-H Weather and Climate Youth Learning Lab, Leader’s Guide, 5351

Noxious Weeds

MSU Extension Publications also offers a wide array of informative resources to help both teachers and students learn about noxious weed identification, management, and impacts.

kNOweeds K–12 Invasive Plant Curriculum, available for download. This curriculum is designed to be a supplemental curriculum for teachers who want to integrate the topic of invasive weeds into their existing courses.