This project curriculum familiarizes teens with the responsibilities of babysitting and provides the necessary information for them to become capable, caring, trustworthy and competent sitters. They will learn how to keep children safe and happy, talk with parents and adults, make responsible decisions and handle emergencies. Youth will also engage in hands-on activities, learn from guest speakers, do role plays, use their creativity and have fun while learning.


There are five chapter lessons in the babysitting member guide that include safety, First Aid and CPR, child development, nutrition, entertaining children and the business of babysitting. Each lesson contains four to five areas of study/activity. Babysitting curricula is based on character traits including trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. This series should be combined with Certified First Aid and CPR instruction to complete the babysitting course requirements.


A member could work on this book for two years, but it is recommended that they finish the book in one year to become a certified babysitter. To be certified, he/she would also need certification from the Red Cross or another group in First Aid and CPR.


M/L I Have What it Takes to be Your Teen Babysitter - 4HDL31