Leadership is an active process, a set of knowledge, attitudes and skills in working with others toward a common goal. Leadership is an opportunity to develop leadership skills and give of yourself to help others. This project is designed to teach teens to be better leaders through educational experiences, service and practice. After enrolling in the Leadership project, you should cooperatively decide on an area of focus with your leader and agent. You will develop an individualized learning and action plan for leadership development; organize the necessary resources, implement a leadership plan, evaluate outcomes and make changes to improve it.


Must be 13 years of age on Oct. 1 of the current 4-H year, have completed at least one year in 4-H and be enrolled in at least one other 4-H project. All 4-H Ambassadors must enroll in this project. Yearly project completion consists of selecting and completing one activity that focuses on further developing each of the six leadership skills (six activities minimum) and planning, implementing and evaluating a plan of action. In level 1 it is recommended that you select one activity per chapter.


M Learning to Lead: Leadership Level I, 5330
M Leading to Learn: Leadership Level II, 5331
M Leadership – Plan of Action, 4HDL11

Leadership Independent Study/Advanced