This is a new tool being offered by a third party company that has taken our, Montana 4-H record sheets and rendered them on a website to compile record sheet information.  

This tool is still be developed and is in a pilot stage. To access Zsuite members or club leaders should contact the MSU Extension county office to determine if this method is being used in your county. Once a member has determined if this method is acceptable in their county resources are available to help set up an account and begin using ZSuite to collect records. 

zsuite logo and green 4-H clover


  • This is not an App. It is a mobile friendly website that mirrors the Montana 4-H record sheets.
  • After entering all of your record keeping for My 4-H Year, Non-Animal Projects or Animal (Market or Non-market) Projects you can download a printed version that looks nearly identical to the Montana 4-H Record Sheets found here.
  • This site is in no way tied to 4honline and enrollment. This site is only being used for record keeping/record book purposes.
  • THIS YEAR only the use of this site is free for Montana 4-H families to try.

Where to Start

To learn how to create a family ZSuite account and get starting completing your record book sheets online watch this video tutorial or use family account help sheet,

To then set up a member profile within that family, this member profile help sheet can be used. 

If you need further assistance setting up and account, you can contact Zsuite using the live chat or email.

What will the printed record sheets look like?

The Zsuite records are designed to as close to mirror the adobe PDF record sheets as possible. The information entered is exactly what a member would write or type on their sheet.

If you want to see what a finished record sheet would like, here is a sample zsuite record book.

My 4-H Year| Animal Record [Pocket Pet Project]


This is a trial and your MSU Extension county office has not been trained to provide support or troubleshoot any issues with this record book site. This is a new product and both 4-H and ZSuite is working together to provide the best possible experience.