4-H Brand Basics

The 4-H brand tells the world who we are, what we do, how we do it and the impact it can have. The goal of having a consistent brand and using resources that are "on brand" when sharing about 4-H at the local, state and national level is to make 4-H a house hold name and a name people can trust. The following resources are to help county extension offices, volunteers and youth members promote our brand and meet this goal. You can also gain access to a multitude of other resources by visiting 4-H.org and signing into the MORC (Marketing Online Resource Center).

The 4‑H Marketing Online Resource Center is the go-to resource for 4‑H professionals and volunteers for all of their 4‑H marketing materials including photos, templates, ads, and logos.

Visit the marketing and communication guide page for more information on co branding with MSU Extension and specific communications guidelines, including the use of the name and emblem (clover). 


Visit the Canva Help Center

4-H Brand Quick Reference Guidebrand poster

4-H Brand Basics Poster 11"x17"

4-H Brand Basics Poster 8.5"x11"

4-H.org Marketing ResourcesMORC button

Brand Tagline

Brand Promise

4-H Grows Here

4-H Empowers Young People with the skills to lead for a lifetime.

4-H Emblem

4-H Grows Here

4-H Clover.jpg 4-H Grows Here logo.jpg (300dpi)
4-H Clover.png 4-H Grows Here logo.png
4-H Clover print logos (zip file) 4-H Grows Here logos (zip file)
4-H Clover digital logos (zip file) //

Use of the 4-H Name and Emblem

MSU Extension / 4-H Co-Branding

Checklist for Proper Use

Vertical Logo with Clover

Name and Emblem Handbook

Horizontal Logo with Clover

More resources on Name and Emblem from NIFA

The Montana 4-H program is the Youth Development program of Montana State University Extension. All 4-H programs are MSU Extension programs and should be co branded with both the 4-H Clover and the MSU Extension logo. The Graphic Identity and Branding Policyis also another helpful resources when developing digital and print materials.

MSU extension and 4-H clover logo

4-H Color Palette

Adherence to a specified color palette is essential to effective branding because color provides an immediate and powerful way to express meaning and message without words.

4-H color palette

Visit the MSU Brand Guide for additional MSU color palette that can be used in coordination with the 4-H color palette. Be sure to be aware of MSU Graphic Identityand Branding Policy. 


Gotham Web & Digital Font

Franklin Gothic MSU Print

ArialMicrosoft Office & Print

BebasNew or Knockout Heading Download font family

How to add fronts (Microsoft) | How to add fonts (Canva)  

Brand Message Platform

brand message The 4-H "brand message" tells the story of who we are, what we do
how we work and why our work matters. There are a variety of helpful messages in the complete brand message guide.  When writing about 4-H work the messaging can be very helpful .

Download complete Brand Message Guide


4-H impacts

 STEM  Citizenship  Healthy Living

4-H Infographics

Agriculture Leaders and Statistics

How Youth are Attracted to STEM

4-H Hands on Learning-STEM

4-H Youth are More Likely To...

National Participation Statistics

Head, Heart, Hands, Health Graphics

Social Media

Social media channels are the perfect place for celebrating your 4‑H pride and sharing information with the 4-H community. Use the social media quick start guide for gudelines on how to use social media responsibly to promote 4-H.

Use the HASHTAG #Montana4H and #4Hgrows when posting on any social media site (facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram)about 4-H in Montana. A hashtag is a label for content. It helps others who are interested in a certain topic, quickly find content on that same topic.Anyone sharing content on a relevant topic can add the hashtag label to their message. Others searching for that topic, can search for that label to find other messages on that same social media platform.


We recommend that each county monitor one countywide facebook page promoting countywide MSU Extension 4-H youth development programing. Groups can then be created in association with this county administered page. Clubs or other groups wanting to manage a facebook presence should be a "group" under the county page. 


These 11x17 posters are perfect for to hang in store windows or on bulletin boards all over town. They can be printed on a color copier, laser printer or sent out to be printed. No need to reformat! I suggest using 60LB weight digital cover paper for the best quality (example paper). Download high resolution posters from box.


Radio and TV PSA's

Grow True Leaders public service announcements can be leveraged in traditional media outlets like television and radio throughout the year. They also serve as great promotional tools for placement on local websites, event presentations and more. Use 4-H grows pre-recorded PSAs or prepare your own.

15 Sec RADIO PSA      30 Sec RADIO PSA      60 Sec RADIO PSA

15 Sec VIDEO PSA       30 Sec VIDEO PSA      60 Sec VIDEO PSA

How to prepare a 4-H PSA (University of Nebraska Extension)


Flyers are well suited for handing out at events, placing in storefront windows or putting up on bulletin boards, and can be printed at home or professionally in color or black and white. The MSU Extension logo has been added and there is a small area where you can add contact information if desired.

character flyer

Compassion Flyer

Confidence Flyer

Courage Flyer

Creativity Flyer
Curiosity Flyer


Advertisement files can be customized and used in local print publications like newspapers and newsletters. These are in PDF format. click on the image below to open the PDF ad and download.

Camp Ad

Responsibility Ad

Leader Ad

teamwork ad
dancing ad
team ad 


MSU/4-H Templates

4-H Images & Photos

MSU/4-H Newsletter Template
4-H Program Flyer Template
There are lots of templates in Canva. Join the Motnana 4-H Canva Team
If you have ideas of print or digital templates that would be helpful to you please contact us and we will work towards making them available.

The 4‑H photo library is provided for 4‑H professionals and volunteers to use to download photos of 4‑H youth and activities. Sign in is required.

The MSU Extension photo library is available to MSU faculty and staff.

A signed media release form is required for all recognizable youth and adults in any audio, video, photo, comment and testimonial used to promote MSU Extension, including 4-H.



Montana 4-H Talking Points

4-H Grows True Leaders Promotion

4-H Infographics