National 4‑H Week is October 1-7 | #I<34H | #National4HWeek| I am #Montana4H

National 4-H Week encourages our incredible youth and volunteers to come together with the nationwide 4-H to celebrate over a hundred years of empowering youth with the leadership skills they need to succeed in life.

The tools on this page are designed to help you leverage National 4‑H Week in the media, on social media, and in your community. This year’s National 4‑H Week theme, I <3 4-H, celebrates everything we love about 4-H . 

You can use the Montana 4-H Talking Points and impact data to create messaging that positively promotes 4-H in Montana. 

Gain new ideas of how to celebrate National 4-H Week in your community.

View customizeable templates, flyers, stories, and virtual backgrounds by loggging into the Montana 4-H Team Canva account and following this link.

Toolkit Provided by National 4-H Council

Download formatted resources to use during National 4-H week from the National 4-H Council website.Sign in is required.

Printable Signage

Flyers are well suited for handing out at events, placing in storefront windows or putting up on bulletin boards, and can be printed at home or professionally in color or black and white. 4-H Week 2023 features theme-specific flyers that are available on our Montana 4-H Team Canva account.

Virtual Meeting Backgrounds

4-H Week 2023 features theme-specific virtual backgrounds that are available on our Montana 4-H Team Canva account.

Use 4-H backgrounds during National 4-H week and all year long! To use a Zoom/WebEx background, first download and save them to your computer. Then, when in a Zoom meeting, click the arrow on the “Stop Video” button. Next, click “Choose Virtual Background.” Underneath the preview of your screen, click the + sign to add your National 4‑H Week Zoom background saved to your computer (view instructional video). Use them during any virtual meeting to show your 4‑H spirit, especially on spirit day!

Half Page Ad or Page Header

zoom background


zoom background

Social Media

Social media channels are the perfect place for celebrating your 4‑H pride during National 4‑H Week. Download easy-to-use graphics specifically formatted for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Use the files in Montana 4'H's shared Canva folder to create!

Key Hashtags:

  • Primary: #IamMontana4H or #I<34H
  • Secondary: #National4HWeek
  • Tertiary: #TrueLeaders, #4HGrown, #FOURWARD

 Platform Focus:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram


  1. Always use the Hashtag, #Montana4H on all posts
  2. Add images of youth, alumni or volunteers to accompany your posts
  3. Add #Montana4H name or tag @Montana4-H 
  4. Schedule a social media "takeover" with teen leaders or volunteers