To assist and support their child and other children in the 4-H club or group.

Success Criteria

Through the experiential learning (hands on) process, the children in the 4-H club or group will gain knowledge and skills to positively and successfully respond to life’s varying situations.


To assist or encourage their child and other children in the club or group to:

  • Set realistic project and achievement goals
  • Accomplish those goals, where appropriate
  • Participate in club, district, regional, state, national and international programs
  • Use positive reinforcement of each child’s part in the group
  • Provide transportation to and from meetings and special activities
  • Attend meetings and special events of the club or group

To complete a parent volunteer survey and/or discuss with the organizational leader, the areas where you could assist the club. Depending on the time that you have available, you may:

  • Plan and facilitate special events for the club or group
  • Learn about the developmental needs of the different ages of children in the club or group
  • Make phone calls
  • Lend use of home for meetings
  • Serve as a project leader or helper in one or more project areas
  • Assist with meetings or special events (tours, fundraisers, fairs, )
  • Serve as an adult advisor to one or more committees

Time Required

Approximately 1-5 hours per month (providing transportation, attending meetings, helping child with projects or activity work: varies according to task) through the 4-H year, October to September.

Resources Available

New 4-H Family Handbook

Montana 4-H Leaders Handbook

The Montana 4-H Clover Project Selection Guide

Training Opportunities

County, District, State and Western Region trainings

Report To

4-H Club Organizational Leader or 4-H Club Project Leader

For Questions Contact

4-H Club Organizational Leader or MSU Extension Office in your county