All market hogs must be in your possession by April 15th. Due to biosecurity reasons, no tagging and weigh-in will be held. It is your responsibility to tag hogs (available from the Extension Office) and return the form by May 1st.   There is no limit to the number of hogs tagged, but only two hogs can be entered in the Fair.

Tagging Instructions – Place the tag in the ear so that the number is on the outside of the ear and the button is on the inside.  If your animal loses its tag before Fair, report it to the Extension Office immediately.  

Family Animals - No family animals are allowed. Every hog must be assigned to a member. Fair entries must match the tagging form and all animals who are housed in the Livestock Building at Fair must be entered in the Fair. Extra animals who show at Fair but do not sell have the option to go to processing facilities, but arrangements must be made in advance with the Livestock Committee.


Other Rules & Expectations for Market Livestock: 

All members selling market livestock (beef, goat, poultry, rabbits, lambs or hogs) at the Fair must:

  • Participate in Livestock Quality Assurance Training every other year.
  • Complete seven (7) project activities as defined by the Livestock Committee (see market livestock requirements).
  • Participate in an interview prior to the Fair.
  • Have your project and record book up-to-date and present it during the interview.

Members participating in the Livestock Sale are required to complete record books (My 4-H Year and Animal Journal & Records) at the end of the 4-H year. Any member who does not complete a record book by November 1st will not be eligible to sell an animal in the sale the following year. Members can still participate in the project and exhibit or show at the Fair, but may not sell. 

For full Fair rules, please see the most recent 4-H Fair book.


For more information or questions, contact:

  • MSU Broadwater County Extension Office – 266-9242
  • FFA Advisor – Jemma Loughery, 314-3403
  • 4-H Swine Project Leader – Hugh Braaten, 439-8873
  • 4-H Livestock Committee Chairman – Jason Noyes, 949-4851


Click here for a PDF of the Market Swine Tagging Form

Click here to fill out the form online via Google Forms