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This form is turned in at the end of the year along with your record books. Your club leader will fill out this form while reviewing your record book for completeness. 


NAME: ________________________________________                              CLUB: _______________________________________ 


INSTRUCTIONS: If sections do not apply to the member, please indicate as such. Members may use alternative record forms as long as the criteria is met. If the record book is not complete, members will be given time to bring the book up to minimum standards for completeness.


My 4-H Year – 1 per year REQUIRED.

_____ Overall Goals – Three (3) recommended 

_____ Club & Project Meeting Participation 

_____ Committees and Office Summary 

_____ Promotional Presentations 

_____ Communications Activities 

_____ Awards and Honors 

_____ Journal of Activities/Events/Experiences

_____ Signatures required


Each Record Book must have the following sections completed:

Project Goals – Three (3) Recommended.
Journal – What I Did.  What I Learned.
Financial Record – Non-Animal Projects.
Value of Animals Purchased/Owned/Possessed - Animal Projects.
Value of Animals at End of Project - Animal Projects.
Feeding Record - Animal Projects.
Market Animal Growth Record – Market Animal Projects.
Expenses Other Than Feed - Animal Projects.
Health Care Chart - Animal Projects.
Sales Record - Animal Projects.
Project Summary - Animal Projects.
Production Record/Animal Breeding Project – Animal Projects.
Signatures – Required.

If all section are completed, the Record Book qualifies for a Gold Seal.

If it is incomplete, the Record Book will be returned to the member to be finished.