Camp Events and Venue

The camp provides a safe and fun opportunity in a controlled setting for high school age students to gain a hands-on experience studying the scientific principles, economic realities, historical heritage, and social perspectives of natural resources and their management in Montana.

Campers spend one week in the rustic setting of the Lubrecht Experimental Forest (east of Missoula, Montana) participating in 3-hr sessions on Forests, Water, Soils, Geology, Rangelands, Wildlife, recreation, and Multiple Land Use, and the challenges of applying these disciplines across diverse ownerships and landscapes. In between the field sessions, taught largely by natural resource agency and industry professionals, campers will spend a half-day each rafting theAlberton Gorge with the company that teaches whitewater safety and swimming at a lake.

Evening or afternoon 1-2 hour additional programs include River Safety, Woodsmen Games, a nature Scavenger Hunt, and Quizbowl competition. Hands on Learning-Through-Discovery, 1-hour programs between longer class sessions, may include individual choices to experience archery, sapphire panning, orienteering, backcountry first-aid, wilderness camping/leave-no-trace, and among others – depending on availability of instructors. All are taught by experienced instructors in well supervised and safe environments.

This camp will require walking for up to half a mile through a natural forested environment, thus appropriate shoes and clothes are important. Evening recreation time is available and many campers enjoy volleyball, frisbee, pingpong or just relaxing with friends. Cabins provide the housing, thus warm sleeping bags are needed. Typically the weather is warm, though in the mountains evening temperatures can be cold. Shower, wash and toilet facilities are in a separate bathhouse. A behavioral code that requires respect for others, their property and privacy is enforced. Our instructors always work in teams and the adult to camper ratio is typically 1:4.

Optional Programs for Return Campers

The fee for theConservation Leadership School, the optional advanced level program for 3rd year returning campers, is $350.00, as it includes additional field trips and an overnight camping experience.

Theovernight backpacking trip, is optional for 2nd & 3rd year returning campers, is $350.00, as it includes travel, permits, equipment, and food. 

Cancellation Policy

MNRYC is working with the Montana University System and the Montana Health Department to monitor COVID-19. The health and safety of everyone attending camp is our priority. If camp is to be canceled, we will let all campers and parents know in a timely matter and will issue a full refund. If you have any questions please contact the camp director Christina Oppegard at 406-243-2773 or [email protected]