Each year 4-H members are given the opportunity to show case the knowledge and skills they have gained throughout the year.  Sharing a project at the fair gives them the chance to show what they have learned.  

4-H members participation in the Sanders County Fair helps youth develop essential life skills such as:

  • Leadership
  • Organization
  • Thinking Critically
  • Setting Goals
  • Time Management 
  • Communication

Fair Registration

Registering 4-H projects for the Sanders County Fair is done through FairEntry.  It is very important to pay close attention to the open and close dates for registering which projects will be exhibited at the fair.  

When members are ready to register their projects for the fair they will want to log in to fairentry.com.  If you are needing help with registering this short video has alot of helpful information:  https://vimeo.com/209918998.

Important Information:

Livestock Policy 2023

*Changes in red on the Livestock Policy reflect changes from 2022.

4-H/FFA Animal Health Schedule

Fair Schedule 2023

2023 Divisions and Classes

Buyer Letter 101         Marketing Your Animal

2023 Entry Results

2023 Sanders County 4-H/FFA Fair Information & Guidelines


Photography Guidelines for Exhibits Entered at the Fair

Photo Information Card

Food & Nutrition

Food and Nutrition Guidelines


Project Interview Video Discussion Guide

Project Interview Videos 1 & 2 to go with DIscussion Guide

*Project books are not required during our interviews but this is a good resource with tips to consider. 










Weigh-In Forms:

Beef Weigh-In Form

Swine Weigh-In Form

Goat Weigh-In Form

Sheep Weigh-In Form

Health Vet Card

Livestock-Horse Housing Form

Horse Information:

Updated Bit Guide

Horse Card

Sanders County 4-H Horse Project Guidelines



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